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New Modern Store Coming September 2021 Bedford Place Mall

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  1. PSA Canada is the Official Agent for PSA.
  2.  With over 20 years of professional experience in the hobby and the business of card grading with PSA directly.
  3. Work with a professional, knowledgeable trading card agent from PSA Canada.
  4. Delegate submission process to an experienced professional.
  5. Upon request, at no charge receive professional advice and review of your cards.
  6. Upon request, at no charge let us complete your submission for you. No account needed. Just ship your cards to PSA Canada, we will fill out your submission forms and package for shipment accordingly.
  7. Direct liquidation opportunities for your freshly graded cards.


PSA is the largest and most respected third-party authentication and grading company in the world for trading cards and memorabilia.


Authentication is the process of verifying the originality or genuineness of a trading card. Grading is assessing the quality and condition of a trading card using PSA’s 10-point grading scale. Grading can only take place after a trading card has been deemed authentic.



Crossover grading is for cards previously graded by other companies that you wish to cross over into a PSA holder. PSA will evaluate the card inside its current holder. If PSA deems the card worthy to cross over at the customer’s specified minimum grade or higher, the card will be removed from its holder and placed into a PSA holder. Regardless of the result, the grading price will be charged.



Review is a service that gives you an opportunity to have PSA review cards that you feel might be worthy of a higher grade. For cards to be eligible for Review, you must submit them in their current PSA holders. There’s no risk of losing your original labelling and grade if your trading card does not upgrade. An increase of a plus grade could increase the value of your trading card. The certification number remains the same.



For this submission type, the cards will not be graded. The cards will be received and then inspected by a member of the grading team to determine if the card and PSA holder are authentic. Once it is determined that the holder and card are genuine, the card will be removed and placed into a new PSA holder. This service is generally used for cards that are housed in PSA holders that have been damaged or to create label consistency within a collection.